Inner space translated in English, by thewordwatcher

Saturday, April 11, 2009

     Since childhood, I have been observing the world, nature, animals, stars and often asked me the questions: ‘Our world is really built as science tells us, we are absolutely alone in this enormous universe, and if so, why and for what such a punishment He met? ‘ These questions have often kept me awake at night, and the fact that no one could reasonably answer them was the one that killed me the most. So I went on the ‘road’, the road to the sources of truth. I have read many books and scientific papers that have made a bold attempt to explain the phenomenon of our existence, creation, and the structure of the
universe. Unfortunately, after reading many of them, I came to the conclusion that they all lead to a dead end, from which you have to turn back as soon as possible and start searching again. And that’s how many years passed to me, until…

     In contrast to the Copernican model of the universe, there is much evidence that we are living within the Earth’s galaxy. The theory of the inner cosmos has not existed for a short time, but it was widely known in ancient cultures and nations. There was the state of Sumer in the southern part of Mesopotamia and the Persian Gulf. To this day, it is not known when and from where its inhabitants came – an extraordinary, mysterious people who already had amazing knowledge about space, ahead of modern discoveries – unfortunately ignored by science for centuries, and taken only seriously after sending NASA probes into space in the 1970s that provided the first pictures of planets of the solar system in color – confirming 100% of sumers’ messages.

     Many theories have been laughed at and many will laugh at it. But one must finally say with full vigor that: `a few hundred years ago the present model of the universe was created in the minds of astronomers, and is based only on observations from Earth and mathematical calculations, which are only a mathematical model, ie they are relative and do not have to cover at all with reality! ‘. Einstein himself once said: ‘As long as reality is based on mathematics, one can not be sure that it is based on reality’. What does not mean anything but the fact that nature is unpredictable and as long as things are translated by mathematical formulas, definitions of phenomena can not be clearly defined. The mathematical model is only a model that can not be accepted as reality in any case! Unfortunately, many scientists approach this issue very superficially and irresponsibly. They receive some results in their research, and inaccuracies of their research are often unable to explain themselves and to authenticate them, they introduce so-called measurement error. In my humble opinion, this is not a measurement error, it is a conscious distortion of science and misleading people, and often for long, long years!

     The internal model of the universe is itself and in itself a great harmony of all processes occurring in nature, which do not need any mathematical models to be able to build and understand it. But the funniest thing is that our world is built in such a way that the laws of physics are equally valid in both cases, which, unfortunately, makes the Copernican mathematical model the basis of all the teachings about the construction of the universe, because it was ‘the first’. All the shortcomings and inaccuracies of the heliocentric model are cleverly covered with complementary theories, and the rest is simply silent.

     In the case of the inner cosmos, everything is inverted and closed in a sphere, where the proportions are correspondingly smaller (real), and in the second they go to the dimensions so unimaginable that these are measured in billions of light years. Long ago observed and confirmed by science the fact that the more we move away from the Earth the speed of spacecraft is decreasing, this science is not able to clearly explain this phenomenon. The speed of light in space so far no one could, or did not want to measure, what many things would eventually explain.

     The biggest mistake made by science is the belief that the speed of the electromagnetic wave in the vacuum and the resulting physical constant is c = 299792458 m / s. Going deep into the essence of the theory of relativity does not solve this issue, simply confuses the matter and moves away from the main subject.

     In order not to be misunderstood, I will add that today’s science does not reject this possibility.
The possible variability of the speed of light can have a considerable cosmological significance, it can be evidence of one or another topology of the Universe, with one or another direction of its development. It can also have a key philosophical significance.

     A Russian scientist has investigated that a laser beam pointing vertically into the sky loses much of its speed, and therefore behaves digressively. Why is it silent on this subject, why it is so hard to reach the results of many scientific works that would finally reveal this terrible mistake of astronomers for hundreds of years, which is actually an ordinary mathematical model, created in fallible human heads, completely absent from reality – and which has never been proven and proven in any way, since it is impossible to prove it at the moment.

     For me, the Universe is one huge organism that combines energy, not super- separated objects (separation is the main problem of science). The theory of relativity really complicates everything, assuming that the light is slowing down but the observer does not feel it would not be fun with time and space, and the bending of spacetime is interesting, provided that we know the complicated mathematics, which also does not explain anything. Many people say that theories of relativity can be confirmed with great accuracy, everyone agrees, except the Universe itself. Well, but on the basis of unchanging c, we have developed so many “wonderful” theories, such as the theory of relativity.

     But human nature is such that if a person attended school, did a high school diploma and then higher education, then from comfort and conformism he does not think about the fact that according to today’s laws of physics, which is proven, the top can not fly, and some years and not one! Many devices work, and according to the laws of physics should not work. Because these devices are created by people with passion and not by knowledge of physics or astronomy and adherence to imposed patterns. For example, if Nikola Tesla did not have these passions and had all the above mentioned negative human traits, probably to this day we would not know alternating current, motors and generators for this current, and many other ingenious, timeless inventions.

     In 1000 years, or maybe even earlier, someone will finally prove a long-known truth. Our descendants will look at our learning with pity, just as we do now with the study of the Middle Ages, and the study of the Middle Ages did so with ancient teachings. Or maybe soon the Americans will finally land on the moon and see how small it really is, which is clearly seen in satellite imagery, and that the earth is indeed a sphere, but we are in it! Other planets are also empty inside, and it is possible that their lives contain life and even other civilizations. This would also explain why so far no life forms have been found on other planets. You simply have to look for life in the middle of planets, not outside. As a curiosity I will give you a fact researched by NASA, that the moon is empty inside like an egg shell. It is not inconceivable that the Earth is also part of another galaxy and circulates inside it and its external surface is barren and covered with huge craters, like all other planets that have been ‘explored’ so far. This is probably all built up: the earth and its nucleus circulate in the middle of another planet, this planet again in the middle of another and so into infinity.
What we perceive as stars is the center (core of the galaxy) of our earth system, which we take (mistakenly) for the starry sky. All in all, we can see through the center some light, and maybe even only sunlight, which is piercing through it, bounces.

     Famous people like Isaac Newton and Leonhard Euler preferred the theories of empty earth all their lives. Measurements made more than 100 years ago completely confirm this theory, but science does not accept these facts, and even does not allow such a thought to itself. And enough to build a powerful telescope with infrared filters to be able to see from Poland, for example, London or Moscow, and standing on the ground, not on top of the highest tower or mountain! But this fact would certainly be just another challenge for scientists who at all costs tried to prove that this is another phenomenon caused by a reflection of the atmosphere to defend their religion called science and its commandments.

     Well, how will science explain, for example, the phenomenon with planes? Why, when they fly at a height of 7 km, from this height visibility from the aircraft should not exceed 296 km, and tests using infrared cameras, showed that the visibility is 532.9 km, although the angle of view from this height it absolutely prevents you from seeing such a large tract of land! The angle of view from this height is almost twice as large as what mathematical calculations show us and says logic. I do not think anyone will say that during the measurements it is the ‘Fata Morgana’ that represents 237 km of land !? Everyone who once played in the calculation of the sphere, and dealt with a bit of optics, can easily calculate it. And this fact is one of the proofs that we live in the middle of the globe, because this visibility is from this height, but only in the middle of the sphere. 

     The mere translation of the Fata-Morgana phenomenon should give many people a reason to think about its meaning and logic. And it seems that once she shows upside down, but only at small distances, and the latter again realistically and often in lengths up to several hundred kilometers, often lasting a dozen or so hours. Some observations indicate that in Strasbourg the port of Constantinople (Istanbul) was seen with such an amazing precision of detail as if it were a mirror image of a neighbor’s house. How can it be possible that from such a distance of up to 1,866 km, the phenomenon of Fata Morgana takes place, where science tells us that if light falls on an opaque plane, its part is absorbed. The ratio of the reflected stream to the incident stream is called the reflection coefficient. If any surface, at which 100 lm drops, 70 lm is reflected, the reflection coefficient is 0.7 or expressed as a percentage of 70 percent. The remaining 0.3 or 30 percent. it was absorbed. Something here too many of these phenomena undermining the basic laws of optics and other sciences!

     Many of you have certainly already been at the sea, in the harbor, and watched the coming ships. Obvious observers certainly did not escape the fact that we see the approaching ships as if the chimneys first emerged from the depths, which would prove the convexity of the Earth and the heliocentric model of the universe. Nothing but the optical illusion, caused by the reflection and refraction of the elliptic light towards the core of the Earth.

     In 1897 in the USA, Professor Morrow and Dr. Teed built constructions that aimed to measure the concavity, the bulge of the ocean. So what do you think, what were the measurement results? Here they are: At the length of `only ‘3.8 km the ocean was 1.22 m above the reference point! So the ocean is concave like a bowl of poppy-heads! It is also proved that the light collapses elliptically upwards, resulting in the illusion of a convex earth. When the distance to the ship is large enough, we get the impression that he emerges from the sea and does not come from above, because with the elliptical light the visibility of our eyes is limited to seeing only the upper parts of the ships, where the lower ones are out of
sight. This phenomenon can be calculated using the formula for refraction of
light, taking into account the internal concavity of the sphere at a given distance from the reference point. Calculations and appropriate measurements prove this fact! Did any of you ever wonder if, when standing on the seashore, we are referring to the ‘impression’ of the sea that is much, much higher than the shoreline? If not, I recommend paying special attention to it – which can also be observed on land.

It gives a refraction pattern that helps in proving this theory: b1 = arc (half circle) = 5000m
b2 = circle = 10000m
r = radius of the globe = 6371000m

dh = height difference which the theodolite (geodetic instrument) should indicate when the stream of light is (supposedly) absolutely simple.
X1 = (r / cos (b1 / r)) – r
X2 = (r / cos (b2 / r)) – r

dh = X2-X1

X1 = (6371000 / cos (5000/6371000)) – 6371000 = 1,962016 m X2 = (6371000 / cos (10000/6371000)) – 6371000 = 7.848070 m dh = 7.848070 – 1.962016
dh = 5.886054 m

     As you can see, the stream of light breaks up elliptically! Who still does not believe, let him base the larger numbers for b1 and b2, or borrow from his friends the geodetic instrument with mechanical level regulation (only such are suitable), and he will convince me of my reason. Measurements can be carried out even in a closed room!

     Whom is not convinced by all this evidence, I recommend this trip to Lake Constance and taking with me a telephoto lens with a focal length of at least 400 mm, and taking a few photos of the opposite shore, between Friedrichshafen and Romanshorn. For this purpose, it is advisable to set the lens horizontally and take a few photos, while in the middle of the lake a ferry passes. As a reminder, the distance between them in a straight line is about 11 km. According to Copernicus’ theory and a straight line of light rays, a photo taken in such a way should present a ferry in the middle of the lake, and on the other side we should see the tops of trees and higher storeys of buildings. I assure you that it is not! The picture will always be taken and each time we will present a ferry in the middle of the lake, and in the middle of the ferry, above the side, we will see the other shore! Appropriate measurements of the shuttle showed a height difference of up to 2.34 m between the surface of the lake and the point seen in the pictures as the shore! Providing such photos to certain institutions caused the scientists to be amazed and scratching their heads, up to the blood, as well as making the appropriate calculations. Here they are:

Half of the distance between Friedrichshafen and Romanshorn: b = 0.5 * 11 km = 5.5 km.
average radius of the Earth: r = 6371 km Search
altitude: h

h = (r – (r * cos (b / r))) * 1000
h = (6371 km – (6371 km * cos (5.5 km / 6371 km) )) * 1000 h = 2.374 m !!!!

     These are not any fairy tales for naughty children, it is not making people water from the brain, but the truest truth, because this is the height of our beloved Earth on the arch and at this distance. This is clear evidence of the concavity of the Earth, which scientists ignore, and those who are convinced of its rightfulness, hold the smileys with a padlock, probably in fear of ridiculing themselves against the whole scientific community, and the fear of losing so hard-earned
authority. Who is behind all those who have an interest in lying to humanity? After all, every layman could do such simple measurements and calculations to find out the truth and open the eyes to all doubters.

How long does this farce last, and why?

     In 1901, in the ‘Tamarackmine’ mine, two engineers took measurements of the distance between the mine shafts on the surface and underground, at a depth of 1229.4 meters, with the help of risers down to this depth. The distance between the panes under the ground was 975.360 m, and on the surface 974.964 m. Because both of them did not know the internal cosmic theory, convinced of the erroneousness of their measurements, they repeated it repeatedly, but under the supervision of Professor Mc. Nair, who as a great supporter of the Copernican theory had to with a heavy heart and unconditionally recognize these results as real! Similar measurements were also made in other mines and on the highest bridges in the world. These measurements were carried out 100 years ago and are repeated to this day. Each time the result is the same, the Earth is concave and not convex! And what about science? Well, everyone knows. I still remember from school how we were pressed in, that the distances between the panes below ground are always smaller than those on the surface, because our planet is a sphere and we live on its surface. Measurements show but quite another. Who, then, who makes water from the brain and for what purpose?

     Everyone has certainly heard about the speed measurements of ships using the so-called logo, which originally had the form of a scaled rope wound up on a turnstile with a wooden block attached to its end. The measurement was done by throwing the block or stern of the block and measuring the speed at which the rope developed. The speed was traditionally measured at the nodes.

     Similarly, you can act when measuring the speed of the Earth, but not with the object thrown overboard, but by throwing `the light behind her ‘. It was thought that if the Earth revolves around the Sun, its speed can be measured using special instruments. For this purpose, the Nobel Prize winner Professor Allais made a very precise optical measuring device that was to indicate the speed of the globe with respect to the Sun. The measured speed was 0 km / h! The same applies to the rotation of the Earth around its own axis. Professor Barnet investigated that a metal bar set in a rotary motion becomes magnetic, and so he came to the conclusion that the Earth, which is packed with various metal particles, rotating around its axis at a speed of 1670 km / h, would create such a huge magnetic field, that she should stop after a short time.

     The laws of gravitation in the mathematical model of Copernicus also can not be explained logically, only some false assumptions are made, not supported by any sensible scientific facts or evidence, because this phenomenon can not be logically explained, but according to the Copernicus theory. internal galaxies theory for sure. Some say that Earth is attracting us, while others say that it is some unknown force from the cosmos that pushes us to the Earth. Same supposition, no evidence! As the distance to the Sun increases, the force of gravity does not decrease. Note that in further orbits from the sun there are different sized planets and the Sun holds them, not on the basis of universal gravitation, but on the principle of segregation according to the potential, because the larger planets are supposedly again small planets.

     In the internal system of the galaxy, the main source of gravity is its nucleus, not the Sun. The center of the galaxy revolves around its own axis, as well as the Sun and the planets around the center of the galaxy – among other things, that’s why we have day and night. It is possible that the Earth revolves around its own axis, but at a speed close to its core, but certainly not with such a crazy speed that science conveys to us. Well, but scientists have to explain to us 24 hours an hour, because as we know the circumference of the Earth on the equator is about 40 thousand km and when we divide it for 24 hours, we will get a speed of about 1667 km / h. So let someone explain to me sensibly what in this case is happening with the centrifugal force? It disappears, it is not simply because physics has come up so that it balances! What strength would have to attract the hill at such a speed. Press us to the Earth so that such huge forces will balance? I will not mention the unimaginable overloads.

     As of today, there are alternative theories of pressing by gravitational forces from space, which for thousands of years have been the basis of the theory of the inner galaxy, proclaimed eg by the Sumerians and many other ancient civilizations. The fact that ancient civilizations possessed amazing astronomical knowledge does not necessarily have to remind and prove to anyone.

     According to Helmholtz, the energy of strength can neither be produced nor can it be destroyed. Energy and power can only be transformed from one form to another. For example, you can convert potential energy into kinetic or thermal energy, which is much more complicated than it would seem. In other words, we recognize the strength after the body under this force begins to change its speed (because acceleration is a measure of speed change). The greater the force, the faster the speed changes. For example, a large force in a short time disperses a heavy object to high speed. A great force can also stop a great speeding object faster.

     In the Copernican model of the universe a certain inaccuracy immediately arises, and it is a force called gravity. For as we know, the phenomenon of gravity is the binder of the Universe – it is the basic force acting between large bodies – especially celestial bodies. It is a universal force, present in any corner of the cosmos. The value of the gravitational pull force acting between two bodies is directly proportional to the product of the masses of interacting bodies and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers. Only that this force must constantly do some work, and without any external influence, which interferes with Helmholtz’s rule at every point. Already Isaac Newton knew this inconsistency, which he could not explain himself. He expressed himself in this way that it was a Divine Breath, who set all planets in motion. In schools, this is not clearly stated, only that this force is simply, it is always constant, it does not change and no one knows where it comes from, I will not mention the invention of gravitons – and here is one big discrepancy .

     Certainly many of you will ask: ‘Well, why are the Earth and the satellite imagery clearly seen as a round ball and not as a concave shell?’ good question. Now, please take into account the fact that the rays of light collapse elliptically upwards and run towards the center (core of the Earth), where they concentrate and vice versa – that is, the image that sees the lens from above is actually a reduced image of the Earth due to concentration the rays of light in the elliptical their course inside it – which would mean that the more we move away from it, the smaller we receive it, and looking from Earth to the sky, the nucleus of Earth as the sky in great magnification. Who once was in the planetarium, for sure knows what I am talking about and how it can function more or less.

     The very belief that the entire universe was created as a result of the ‘Big Bang’, and then life on our planet as a result of evolution – that’s how the bum did and everything arose – but of course only on Earth and God’s weapon nowhere else, is so great nonsense, I do not have enough words to say its magnitude. For everything that we do not have an explanation for, science will come up with some nonsense, support it with wise patterns, which they often work for years, and then they will permanently enter it into the ‘Bible Bible’, in order to gain fame, publicity, I will not mention financial benefits. And it is these same people who, undoubtedly, possess vast knowledge, use it so cleverly and effectively that they would be able to prove to everyone, everywhere and always, that the triangle is a circle and the sphere is a cube.

     Many of you have probably already heard about the drifting of continents, and that they fit together as if in the past they were all one big land, and from all possible sides. A professor (unfortunately I do not remember his name) wondered about this fact and came up with the idea of making an ‘inflatable globe’ with glued continents. The effect of the experiment was such that when there was enough air in it, all the continents, from all sides, formed one large land, and after inflating it, they departed proportionally at distances as we now measure between continents. Would not it explain the fact that our Earth is growing? For centuries, science did not even want to hear about it, and today it is accepted more and more boldly for the generally applicable norm.
It is a fact that the Moon moves away about 4 cm from Earth every year. Has it ever occurred to anyone that the Earth is growing and that is why the Moon inside the Earth is moving away from it?

     I have read with great interest many arguments about the growing Earth, where it is presented as a huge, living organism, and that it is built like any living cell. This would explain clearly and logically the fact that the continents are continually moving away from each other, the emergence of life on Earth, and that we live within the Earth, living with her in ‘SYMBIOZA’. Do we not know a similar model from such a disliked object in schools that we call biology?

     The issue of the size of the cosmos and intergalactic distances calculated in billions of light years: With the altitude (distance from the earth’s surface) the distances and probably all external dimensions of all bodies decrease, so that approaching the center of this our “universe” the space ship to which we fly it will be smaller and the distance it will travel in a unit of time flying at the same speed, also. It resembles quite a peculiar version of Theory of Relativity, where as it is known, it is not possible to achieve the speed of light, because as you approach this speed, all dimensions of the moving body and its distance to other bodies decrease so that it is not able to reach the speed light. In addition, the passage of time for this body also changes. From a mathematical point of view, it will probably be a sequence converging to the border (in particular to zero) where one meter on the surface of the Earth remains one meter, but the same real one meter near the center of the Earth we can already observe as a billion light years. Which means that the closer to the core of the galaxy, the velocity decreases accordingly, and at the core itself is equal to zero – which is caused by the huge gravitational repulsion of the nucleus. For this reason, getting to the core of the galaxy becomes absolutely impossible! However, the surface of our Earth is almost immobile relative to the core of the Earth, where the Earth’s crust has no gravitational force – but more on that later. The entire mystery of the internal space model is based on the concept of space transformation. All points outside the Earth, let’s move to its center, where all sizes decrease accordingly, and in the center of the Earth form its nucleus. In the same way, all possible laws of physics are transformed into the interior of the Earth’s galaxy. And so the unreal universe and the unimaginable distances and spaces created with the help of mathematics and astronomy, transform into the real world of the inner galaxy, only by adding a tiny, innocent minus against the result of mathematical action, which was inadvertently not set up a few hundred years ago.

     The question of the inability to see the other side of the Earth, the concave sphericity of the Earth, sunsets, day and night: All this explains the postulate of some parabolic curvature of light always towards the center of the Earth (up). This means that the Sun, moving at a certain distance from the Earth’s surface, around the center of the Earth, should always be visible (though at various angles) and it should never be at night. This is not the case, however, because at noon, when it is right above our head, everything is normal, then in the morning and in the evening the sun can be seen much lower than it should be at the ground, because the light from it does not fly to us straight line, only turns up. This means that then the light that came out of the Sun in our direction is no longer able to reach us, because it turned into space above us. However, the light that reaches us, came out from the Sun towards the area of the earth much further from us, and closer to the Sun, but turned over the ground so that it reaches us horizontally, which makes us see the Sun at the horizon. This horizontal light also runs into outer space and then we stop to see the sun, because the light that was reaching us horizontally was probably for the obvious reasons, the last one we could see.

     The seasons arise because the sun and the planets do not move on a fixed orbit, but on spiral or up and down orbits. It is also possible that it is not the sun, but the axis of the Earth relative to the core of the galaxy that changes its position, but rather it is impossible.

     Before you start making fun of this theory, I recommend making a small experiment with a permanent magnet and a lighter, which science knows perfectly but deliberately does not want to answer uncomfortable questions that could have so harmoniously built a mathematical Copernicus model to knock down ruins. Here he is: We hang a magnet on the wire and heat it with a lighter for a few minutes. As we know from experiments in physics lessons, that due to temperature the magnet will completely lose its magnetic properties over time. According to scientific research, the Earth’s magnetic field occurs naturally around the Earth and corresponds approximately to the magnetic dipole field with one magnetic pole near the geographic North Pole and with the other magnetic pole near the South Pole. The line connecting the magnetic poles forms with the axis of the Earth’s rotation an angle of 11.3 degrees. The magnetic field stretches several dozen thousand kilometers from the Earth, and the area in which it occurs is called the Earth’s magnetosphere. Geographers and physicists teach us that there is magma in the Earth’s core, and it escapes volcanoes in the form of liquid lava. The temperature of the lava reaches 1350-1400 degrees Celsius, and its solidification occurs at temperatures of 600-800 degrees Celsius. Now, please answer for yourself a simple question: ‘How is it that in the middle of the earth such high temperatures prevail, and the Earth does not lose its magnetic field, despite the fact that the experiment with a magnet and lighter apparently proves the loss of magnetic properties under the influence of heat? ‘. I’ve heard that science is beginning to change the concept of Earth’s magnetism, and says that the Earth is one great dynamism that is constantly in a rotational motion, where its nucleus rotates but in the opposite direction, creates its magnetic field. Hmmm – as it will be, we will soon find out that we humans are really only biorobots, created by UFOnauts, and our brains are ultra-modern 256-bit biological microchips with ultra-fast memory with a capacity exceeding 5 Yobibyte, which I already had read from Science Fiction publication.

     As many of you already know, the Sun is a giant ball of ionized gas, and the temperature of the Sun rises with depth reaching a dozen or so million degrees at the center, at which temperature fusion reactions can occur, but few know that the sun also has enormous magnetic field, which under the influence of such great temperatures does not lose, and should according to the laws of physics commonly known to us. Is it for sure that the sun is built, as science tells us? Or maybe the theory of the inner cosmos is much more reliable than expected?

A much more puzzling is the so-called refraction, reflection, absorption and polarization of radio waves in the ionosphere, which, as we know, ordinary radio waves quite effectively stops. If, however, such a wave would get through some miracle through it, it should disperse somewhere in space, but it is not! If, however, it has already passed somehow through the ionosphere, bounced off something in a vacuum, on the way back it should rebound from it and fly back into space and not to Earth. Radio waves always return to Earth at various time intervals (average 8 / 10sec) as so-called radio echoes. The fact of their existence was proven many times by Professor Stoemer in 1927, which was reported by the scientific world, which, after appropriate experiments, confirmed it 100%. Even suspected, that in our solar system for 12.5 thousand years there are two huge artificial satellites, which were a remnant of extinct highly developed civilizations of Earth, and these were supposed to reflect these waves. But it is not my goal to write a science fiction novel

A few unknown facts to know:

     Whoever closely followed the expeditions of space probes to Mars certainly remembers that Mars was repeatedly circumnavigated by them, but absolutely no measurements of its size were made, which would eventually explain many inaccuracies. Why does it look like a lot of billions, but it will not come to anyone’s mind when it comes to accurate Mars measurements? For the relevant queries sent to NASA, it was answered that the dimensions of Mars are already widely known and there is no need for this. After all, this is an irresponsible and unforgivable mistake!
Mars’ photos taken by NASA probes showed a lot of inaccuracies about the proportions of Mars to the Sun.
In addition, the Moon’s study showed that the mountains on the moon, supposedly supposed to have a height of up to 2,000 m, are actually small copies of lunar dust and meteorites! Similarly with the craters on the moon, the proportions are absolutely disagreement – nothing at all! Why, then, will NASA not finally make measurements of the size of the Moon and Mars?
From a 24-hour satellite film made in the 1960s by NASA, it appeared that the movement of planets would be the opposite of the one that we receive from Earth, and the Sun was moving through some strange orbit. The film was accelerated a few years ago on German television. None of the scientists could clearly explain the causes of these anomalous phenomena. And one more thing! During the total lunar eclipse through the lands, the NASA satellite took shots that clearly showed that the moon is brightly lit! How is it? The Earth completely covered the sun! So where did the light, the UFO illuminate the moon?

     I realize that after what I have already said and say further – modern luminaries of science will call me ignorant, dilettante and even charlatan. But despite this, I will continue in my conviction based on long-term observations of great scientists, analysis of their work and intuition, and that modern science consciously falsifies reality so effectively that even I have believed in all these nonsense for many years! Fortunately, there is a large group of professors, astrophysicists and many other highly educated and enlightened people who are constantly looking for the truth and will one day reveal it.

     I know that thunders from the blue sky will soon be thrown at me, that’s why I am asking critics / commenters about the use of constructive arguments, and an objective look at this theory, not a sense of insulting me only because I am saying a theory incompatible with that which you teachers gave the schools. Taking the position that it must be so and the end, because everyone says so, and who else thinks it in the head and the general laughter in the room, is only a proof of conformism and inability to think. I do not force anyone to believe in this theory, which can not be said about modern science, and attempts to convey my experiences to others are purely informative. I note that the material collected by me and the information contained in it should not serve as official science, and as a generally accepted model of the universe, but give the reader the opportunity to look at some of the “truths” that have been taught to us since childhood. Many will say: it’s fantasy. For now, I wrote only about the facts … fantasy, in the face of what else we discover, it can miss all of us. In order for this theory to be understood, one has to reject many schemes for centuries imposed upon us. There are a lot of unexplained things, but we must not forget that the world was pushed forward not by those who went on the schemas, but also by the very bold theses (Newton, Einstein) who were often considered charlatans, fools and dreamers. In order for this theory to be understood, one has to reject many schemes for centuries imposed upon us. There are a lot of unexplained things, but we must not forget that the world was pushed forward not by those who went on the schemas, but also by the very bold theses (Newton, Einstein) who were often considered charlatans, fools and dreamers. In order for this theory to be understood, one has to reject many schemes for centuries imposed upon us. There are a lot of unexplained things, but we must not forget that the world was pushed forward not by those who went on the schemas, but also by the very bold theses (Newton, Einstein) who were often considered charlatans, fools and dreamers.

     In conclusion, I would like to thank you for your attention and announce that all the models of the Universe known to us so far are of indefinite and purely subjective nature and their definitions are as uncertain as any science created by such imperfect human minds. Therefore, all scientific models should be perceived not as a reality in itself, but as models that can be helpful in perceiving it.

    As a curiosity, I would like to say that theories include, among others, Germany, Rolf Kepler, descendant of the famous Johannes Kepler, and the theory is based partly on his work, as well as the work of great science authorities, and on my own experiences and observations.

Summary …
So we have two theories. We are inside the earth and the fallen angels are inside or we are outside the earth and Agharta is inhabited by fallen angels and demons. Be able also by the nefilim.

What is shocking – we can not completely reject OBU theory, because in both there is some evidence that confirms both theories.

Rocking inputs can exits outside the Earth. This is not ruled out.

NASA gives us the biggest problem because the Vatican like NASA probably knows exactly what it is like, but it’s hidden from us.,29/ksiezyc-swieci-wlasnym-swiatlem,1520.html

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Cosmology Unknown

No beliefs necessary here, there's always more knowledge too gain. And though we all have the ability to possess it, truth is not something we can own, it's for all to discover. Nevertheless, question everything, everyone, and always think for yourself.

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